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The Top 20 Things for a Small to Medium-Sized Business To Look For In a Business Lawyer

Choosing the right business lawyer is crucial for the success and legal protection of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Here are 20 considerations for SMBs when selecting a business lawyer:

1. **Expertise in Business Law:** Ensure the lawyer specializes in business law and has experience with SMBs.

2. **Reputation and Experience:** Look for a lawyer with a strong reputation and a track record of successfully handling cases for similar businesses.

3. **Size and Structure of the Law Firm:** Consider whether a small boutique firm or a larger firm with various specialties better suits your needs.

4. **Understanding of Industry:** Find a lawyer familiar with your industry's regulations, challenges, and opportunities.

5. **Cost and Fee Structure:** Understand the lawyer's fee structure, billing methods (hourly, flat fee, retainer), and ensure it aligns with your budget.

6. **Accessibility and Communication:** Evaluate their responsiveness, availability for meetings, and communication style.

7. **Personal Compatibility:** Assess if there's a good personal fit, as you'll be working closely with this lawyer on critical matters.

8. **Network of Resources:** A lawyer with a strong network of professionals (accountants, other lawyers, etc.) can be beneficial.

9. **Client References:** Request references from past or current clients to gauge satisfaction and performance.

10. **Conflict Resolution Skills:** Assess their ability to negotiate and resolve conflicts effectively, whether with other businesses or legal entities.

11. **Understanding of Risk Management:** Find a lawyer who can identify and mitigate legal risks specific to SMBs.

12. **Local Knowledge:** If your business operates in multiple locations, consider a lawyer with local knowledge and resources.

13. **Proactivity and Creativity:** Look for a lawyer who's proactive in identifying legal issues and offers creative solutions.

14. **Transparent and Honest:** Seek a lawyer who communicates openly, explains legal matters clearly, and is honest about potential outcomes.

15. **Technology Adoption:** A lawyer who embraces technology for legal research, communication, and document management may offer more efficient services.

16. **Contract and Document Expertise:** Ensure they have expertise in drafting and reviewing contracts, leases, and other legal documents critical for your business.

17. **Understanding of Intellectual Property:** If relevant, ensure they have experience in safeguarding trademarks, patents, and copyrights.

18. **Regulatory Compliance Knowledge:** Assess their understanding of compliance issues relevant to your industry, such as data protection or environmental regulations.

19. **Litigation Experience:** While prevention is key, having a lawyer with litigation experience can be essential if disputes arise.

20. **Long-Term Partnership Potential:** Look for a lawyer interested in building a long-term relationship, understanding your business goals, and growing with your company.

Each consideration plays a vital role in selecting a business lawyer who can provide the right guidance and legal support tailored to the specific needs and aspirations of your SMB. provides you with the best choices for excellent business lawyering on a budget. eliminates the expensive and unnecessary overhead so you get pure lawyering for your small or medium sized business -- straight up and not on the rocks.

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