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The Top 10 Ways in Which a General Counsel Can Add Value to Your Company

A General Counsel (GC) plays a crucial role in adding value to a company beyond just legal advice. Here are the top 10 ways a General Counsel can contribute:

  1. Strategic Advisor: Acting as a strategic partner to the executive team and providing legal advice aligned with the company's overall goals and mission.

  2. Risk Management: Identifying and mitigating legal risks across various aspects of the business, helping the company avoid potential legal pitfalls.

  3. Regulatory Compliance: Ensuring the company complies with relevant laws and regulations, keeping abreast of changes and advising on necessary adjustments.

  4. Cost Efficiency: Managing legal costs effectively by optimizing legal operations, negotiating favorable contracts, and utilizing resources efficiently.

  5. Conflict Resolution: Resolving disputes, whether internal or external, through negotiation, mediation, or litigation when necessary, to minimize disruption to the business.

  6. Corporate Governance: Overseeing corporate governance matters, ensuring compliance with corporate policies and best practices.

  7. Contract Management: Developing and implementing robust contract management processes to streamline negotiations, minimize risks, and optimize terms.

  8. Intellectual Property Protection: Safeguarding the company's intellectual property rights through proper strategies, patents, trademarks, and copyrights.

  9. Mergers & Acquisitions: Providing guidance during mergers, acquisitions, or divestitures, conducting due diligence, and facilitating legal aspects of transactions.

  10. Crisis Management: Being a key player in managing crises or unexpected legal issues, providing timely and strategic advice to navigate challenges.

A skilled General Counsel not only ensures legal compliance but also functions as a business partner, contributing to the company's growth, stability, and success by integrating legal considerations into broader business strategies.

But by eliminating all the overhead -- no gleaming corporate offices -- hiring a General Counsel from NoGranite doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. NoGranite eliminates the expensive "rain-making" marketing budgets of big firms to allow lawyers to charge a reasonable fee and provide great business law and general counsel services -- for a fraction of the cost of the broader legal market.

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